Andrea Frederick Interview

Introduction It is a pleasure to introduce another 1968 GHS classmate—Andrea Frederick, a licensed pilot since she was twenty-four years old. It is fascinating to learn that if given the choice of being a character in a book, Andrea chose to the mouse in the “Lion and the Mouse” that always tried to help someone whoContinue reading “Andrea Frederick Interview”

Deb (Deborah Hewes) Waldo Interview

INTRODUCTION Deb (Deborah Hewes) Waldo was the first volunteer to be interviewed by the class of ’68 Golden High School that was posted earlier this summer on the ’68 GHS Facebook. We’re pleased to post her interview on this website along with her family photos. Deb is a key team member who successfully planned theContinue reading “Deb (Deborah Hewes) Waldo Interview”

Interview Max Gelwix

Introduction It is my pleasure to introduce ’68 GHS Classmate, Max Gelwix, who graciously volunteered to be interviewed. He has quite an interesting career flying as a pilot in various regions. He has also been a serial entrepreneur of various business entities. As you can see in his photographs below, he has an amazing family. Continue reading “Interview Max Gelwix”