Interview Myrna (Beattie) Melton


As you may be aware, we are interviewing classmates from the ’68 Golden High School so that everyone can catch-up on what each of us has done since graduation. Everyone has an amazing story to tell. It is my pleasure to introduce Myrna (Beattie) Melton. She was a key team member in the planning of the 50th reunion for the ’68 Golden High School class and continues to offer her assistance to the 55th Reunion Committee.

As you can see from her interview and photographs, she has extensively traveled and dived into other activities outside of her distinguished nursing career. Let’s give Myrna a cheer for her amazing life journey.



After GHS, I went to the University of New Mexico to study nursing. I met my husband there and we were married shortly after graduation … 47+ years ago. He was a career Air Force officer, so we moved around quite a bit. I was fortunate to always be able to get a job in nursing. We are the parents of two great daughters and have three grandchildren, ages 1 ½, 3 ½ and 6 years old. Our youngest daughter still lives in Virginia. Our older daughter lives in Arvada and is planning to get married in the Keystone area in September. Hopefully, that event will be able to happen. My career in nursing lasted 41 years and I have always worked in the hospital setting. I worked in many areas, including administration, cardiac, oncology, endoscopy, and cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation. While I loved my career in nursing, I am thoroughly enjoying retirement.


Dave and I retired back to Colorado in 2013. We moved here from Northern Virginia (outside of Washington, D.C.), where we had lived for 28 years. We both knew that we wanted to retire in the West, so we’re thrilled that we were able to move back here, now living in Highlands Ranch. We are fortunate to have been able to do a lot of traveling both before and after retirement. We have loved our international trips, as well as travel within the U.S. (especially trips back to Virginia to see the grandkids).


It is wonderful to be back in the area where I grew up. I have fond memories of GHS and am delighted that I have been able to reconnect with former classmates. Being a part of planning the 50th  GHS reunion was such a good way to rekindle friendships from the past.  I know that my years at GHS played a big part in laying the foundation for my future life and career path.

Guess you might be surprised to know that, in addition to being a nurse, I had my own bread business while living in VA. It was called Bread on the Rise. It was very small and I baked out of my home, selling to a bakery in a small resort town for a while. I inherited a sourdough bread starter from my mother in law almost 40 years ago and have kept it going. I still make bread today, although only for fun. I love crafts and sewing. I am now making masks to donate to front line workers and first responders. I participate in craft shows, making Raggedy Ann dolls, stuffed animals, etc.


We are loving retirement. Other than traveling, Dave and I enjoy hiking, skiing, doing some volunteer work, going to different craft breweries around town with a group we are a part of, and just getting together with friends. Also love watching shows such as Longmire and Heartland on Netflix … seems like there is a lot of time to do that these days.

I think that, in reflecting, my biggest accomplishment would be my family and my career. I love seeing our grandchildren growing up, although it seems to be happening too quickly. I am proud to be a member of the RN community. I am awed by the work the front line medical workers are doing now and the sacrifices they are making to take care of COVID patients, as well as the other duties they have.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the 55th reunion in 2023, if not before.


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Linnea Tanner is a native of Colorado where she attended Golden High School and the University of Colorado, earning her BA and MS in chemistry.

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