In Memoriam


Annand, Chuck

Arnold, Bruce

Barrett, Janet

Benedict, Charles

Bradley, Linda

Chadwick, Bonnie

Churchill, Lynn

Dean, Curtis

Denton, Christine

Durant, Bill

Easton, Dick

Fodor, Eugene

Ford, Leonard

Forrest, Randy

Harbour, Thomas

Jackson, John

Johnson, Susan

Kampf, Kirk

Landeaux, Bill

Keenan, Christine

McCartney, Pat

Memmer, Frank

Miller, Barbara

Mills, Ann

Moosdorf, Dena

Morgan, David

Phillips, Samuel

Pickthall, Charla

Pinkney, Michael

Randolph, Sam

Santasteven, Ken

Shader, Randy

Vogeler, Ken

Warner, Patricia

Waters, Nancy

White, Karl

Wydman, Sue Ann

***This list of our classmates is compiled from sources that are believed to be reliable including friends, family and the most recent Golden High School Alumni Directory 2021 copyrighted in 2022. Please help us make sure it is accurate and up to date by advising the GHS 1968 Committee of any changes through the Contact connection above.***


Hafling, Darrel

Papenfus, Authur

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