Exciting News! The Golden High School 1968 Yearbook is now available on this GHS68 website. A new category entitled Yearbook has been added to the top Menu where you can click to access the document. A special thank you is extended to our GHS ’68 Reunion Committee Leader, Kathy McMahon Giacomini, who arranged to have all of the pages scanned from a yearbook provided by Mark Swanson.

The ’68 GHS Yearbook can be seen in a flip format that you can peruse the pages on your computer (Click on the arrows to move back and forth throughout the yearbook). OR you can download the yearbook in PDF format and print.

Be sure to acquaint yourself with your ’68 GHS classmates again and take a journey back in time. To access the Yearbook, CLICK: 68 GHS YEARBOOK

Published by Linnea Tanner

Linnea Tanner is a native of Colorado where she attended Golden High School and the University of Colorado, earning her BA and MS in chemistry.

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